Publisher Solutions

We put our deep brand advertiser relationships and cutting-edge technology to work helping publishers monetize their inventory in unique and valuable ways.

Our Units

Through our unique synchronized digital branding platform, we offer a full suite of solutions to best reach users and deliver on campaign objectives.

High Impact

Large canvas, cross-screen units built to drive awareness through custom executions.

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Premium pre-roll inventory and video-first formats with higher viewability and completion rates for short form content.

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Mobile-only units that generate intent through on-the-go ad experiences.


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LEAN & In-Line

CBA compliant, user-initiated ad experiences with content adjacency to create brand or product consideration.

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Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We work with the top brands in every vertical, and they expect the best from our publisher partners. Our publishers meet a stringent list of criteria and go through a rigorous testing and certification process that ensures our partnership will run smoothly. In return, our global sales force works on your behalf to deliver high value deals with the best brands and agencies in the business.


We focus on ease of integration and provide a simple implementation process for our publisher partners. We design our formats in HTML5 using responsive design, so they can run across mobile and desktop from one tag, and we offer deep strategic and technical support to all of our publishers. Our goal is a long-term relationship, and that means ensuring our publishers’ success.


We offer transactions via both traditional and programmatic methods, and our end-to-end technology stack means we deliver campaigns seamlessly across screens and manage optimizations in real-time. It also allows us to offer publishers special opportunities for access to high value formats.

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