Our multicultural team is here to help brands form genuine connections with audiences through in-culture, in-language creative and authentic consumer insights.


The growth of multicultural audiences is undeniable. Undertone prioritizes multicultural insights in order to create relevant messaging reflective of our multicultural world. Our creative team doesn’t simply translate English-language work—we create in-culture and in-language campaigns, which deliver results.

Leading network of multicultural consumers

Our 99% IAS Verified Human Traffic multicultural audience represents a multitude of demographic breakouts.

Compelling Dynamic creative

Undertone’s industry-leading high impact units reach consumers in their own language. These units give users the ability to toggle between languages.

Premium Publishers

Handpicked one-to-one relationships with top-tier publishers based on cultural relevance, audience appeal, quality content, and brand safety without long tail inventory or exchanges.

In-house multicultural creative team

Undertone’s award-winning multicultural team is staffed by industry veterans whose experience includes strategy, creative, and brand development for multilingual audiences.

Powerful Multicultural Consumer insights expertise

Our Insights team leverages Undertone’s 17 years of first party data as well as extensive third party data sources, leading to stronger, more relevant strategies and creative solutions.