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There was a lot going on here in New York last week. Everyone’s Advertising Week experience differed according to which sessions they chose to attend, so we compiled some of the key points and interesting tidbits that our team came away with. You can also catch many of the sessions recorded online, including the NASDAQ Venture Series – Leading Technologies panel (below). There, our co-founder Eric Franchi joined industry leaders to discuss everything from recent adtech IPOs to tips for media/tech sellers on breaking through to ad agencies. Eric’s advice on that topic: “Sell less, educate more… Drive value.”


Other #AWX food for thought:

1. Brands need to bring value to their customers not just through their actual products and services, but also through their advertising. See More

2. We can’t look at mobile in a silo – we need to look at it in the broader scheme of a media plan. Mobile is less of a channel and more of an activity; it needs to take into account the user’s context (where they are and on what type of device). Marketers and publishers both need to adapt to consumers’ changing behaviors. See More

3. Content is no longer king; the consumer is now king. Consumers want to see customized and real-time messages. Achieving personalization at scale is both the biggest challenge and biggest opportunity for advertisers. See More

4. 85% of people watch TV with another screen open. “Audience training” needs to take place, priming users how to use their mobile devices along with the TV. TV watchers want gratification, such as seeing their tweet or photo on air, watching their votes add up, or unlocking bonus content. See More

5. “Data” is a hot topic – but what really matters is how all elements of a media plan work together. See More
6. Consumers want deals, info, and access, and they want it in real time. They’re willing to exchange their personal data for a good deal, but they will not give it idly—they must gain something from it. See More

7. The key to successful retail advertising: “personal + adaptive + valuable.” Retailers have morphed into publishers, and now they need to start morphing into technology companies. They need data—and to figure out how to utilize that data—or they’ll get left behind. See More

8. It’s better to use different channels to build on a brand story rather than just telling the same story across different mediums. See More

9. Design doesn’t have to be radical to be effective. Award-winning ad designs follow similar molds. See More

10. The most productive creative brainstorming sessions are made up of people from all different disciplines, not just creatives. It’s important to pull in people from all over a company, especially people who have a passion for the product category, to help better form the big idea. See More


Looking for highlights from IAB MIXX? You can find those here.

What ideas will you remember most from #AWX? Let us know in the comments or @AccessUndertone!

Natalie Breitbach

As a member of the marketing communications team, Natalie is responsible for copywriting, emarketing and sales collateral, and Undertone’s social media presence. She joined Undertone in early 2012 and has worked in digital media for several years. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys finding new restaurants and new places to go running in NYC.


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