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Digital advertising

Digital advertising needs to put the user first

Over the past two decades, a series of digital innovations have made it possible for advertisers to reach global audiences with unprecedente...


college graduate + Digital advertising + global internship conference + internship + opportunity + summer intern + Undertone

The Ever Evolving Internship

The other week a few members of Undertone’s HR team headed to Berkeley, CA to attend and present at the Global Internship Conference. And ...


boutique agency + Digital advertising + Display + independent ad agencies + Undertone + value-added services

Preferred Partnerships Evolved? We Call it Undertone+

Last year, we introduced a new, more strategic approach to working with our agency clients through a preferred partnership with Harmelin Med...


4A's + ANA + banners + brand lift + Digital advertising + Display + guarantee + mediapost + Quality Inventory + rogue websites + Statement of Best Practices

ANA & 4A’s Call for More Quality…Guarantees? We Couldn’t Agree More!

Last week, The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) issued a “statement of ...


AMC + Brand Advertising + Digital advertising + Display Advertising + High Impact + stand out + standout brand experiences + The Pitch + Undertone Commercial

Undertone’s Time to Stand Out

This is a seminal moment in Undertone history: tonight, our very first television commercials will air during the season premiere of AMC’s...


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