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Digital advertising needs to put the user first

Eric Franchi speaks to the importance of focusing on user experience to drive true engagement and success in a rapidly changing industry.

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Creative Best Practices Designed to Sell

Undertone’s high impact ads have proven time and time again to drive results for our clients and elicit buyer-intent within consumers. The...



Meet: Expandable Adhesion.

Mobile, High Impact, Effective. Undertone’s new mobile high impact unit, Expandable Adhesion, has been in market for six months and won...


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Did a Kardashian Kill Influencer Marketing? Not Even Close.

In a post-Fyre Fest world, the cracks in, what is consistently referred to as influencer marketing, are looking less like cracks and more li...


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4 best practices to move the needle on digital advertising

Depending on whose statistics you believe, the average American sees between 3,000 and 5,000 branding messages every single day. And yet, if...



Nothing Matters at CES 2017 Without the Smartphone

I can’t remember the last time I sat down at my desk and actually typed something on my laptop. These days, most of my work is done on my ...


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