Advertiser Solutions

Our custom solutions ensure that brands make a lasting impression with their digital advertising. Rich creative formats and best-in-class media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees.


We believe in the power of stunning creative to connect with consumers, and our ad formats provide the canvas for brands’ creative vision. Undertone’s proprietary and industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on smartphone, desktops, and tablets.

High Impact Cross Screen

High-value proprietary formats that take serve seamlessly from one tag across desktop and mobile.


High Impact Mobile

Monetize smartphone and tablet inventory with formats designed specifically for the mobile consumer.


Rising Stars

Engaging, valuable formats such as the IAB Rising Stars, which drive consumer engagement on your site.



if you’re looking to add in some of the basics – from top brands – we’ve got you covered.


Future Proof LabsSM

Future Proof Labs explores emerging technologies and shifting consumer behavior to help brands ideate, prepare for and capitalize on future digital advertising trends.


Pixl StudiosSM

Our team of creative professionals helps turn vision into digital reality, supporting our clients with the ideation, design and build of their high impact digital ad creative.


Targeting + Measurement

We offer a variety of targeting and measurement solutions to meet specific brand needs. From audience to device targeting, measuring brand awareness to sales impact, we help brands reach their audiences across screens and track the metrics that matter.



Our proprietary platform has everything brands need to most efficiently plan, build, execute, and scale their digital campaigns. And the choice is yours: plan and buy media using traditional or programmatic means through our console.


Full Service Delivery

Working with Undertone gives brands access to the best and brightest minds in the digital ad industry, and a team fully dedicated to the success of their business.